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In recent years, sports betting has become a very popular form of gambling.  The main reason this betting option has become so popular is because of increasing technological advancements.  Nowadays, bettors can easily place a bet online.  The introduction of online betting sites has made a significant impact on the betting industry as a whole, not least because it has made it even easier to place wagers on sporting events.

Online betting sites have helped to improve the overall betting experience in many ways.  As a result, more and more customers are choosing to move away from more traditional betting methods.  Instead, bettors tend to go for the far simpler option of placing bets at online betting sites.  Plus, there is now a whole generation of betting fans who have been attracted by everything online betting offers.

We understand that it is only natural for customers to feel somewhat wary of placing online bets.  This worry often stems from not fully understanding how everything works and how to get started placing bets at online betting sites.  In this article, we thought it would be useful to give you a run-down of some of the main advantages of placing your bets online.

Advantages to Using Online Betting Sites

You may be asking why you should choose betting online instead of at a typical bookies.  Well, we are here to tell you all about the different advantages you can enjoy if you choose to use online betting sites.

First up, one of the main advantages of using online betting sites is that it will save you a tonne of time!  We all know that we have a limited amount of time in our day and by cutting down on the amount of time needed to complete activities, you will have time to focus on fun pursuits.  Just think, by taking advantage of online betting sites, you could squeeze in an extra hour at the gym, get that haircut you have been meaning to get for the last couple of weeks or even complete the weekly food shop.  Placing a bet online will take a matter of seconds, freeing up time for you to complete other day-to-day activities.

Another major difference to betting at a land-based casino compared to online betting sites is that the vast majority of online sites will offer numerous bonuses and promotions to entice new players into joining.  Most bricks-and-mortar casinos have a constant stream of revenue coming in, so they don’t need to bother with additional perks.  Online betting sites will give any player that signs up a number of perks.  In addition to handy welcome bonuses, online sportsbooks will frequently offer bettors the chance to enjoy free bet opportunities, cashback incentives, reload bonuses and even fun leaderboard races.  We would be remiss if we didn’t make sure to remind players to be cautious when dealing with promotions at online betting sites, as the bonus funds you receive will always come with some sort of playthrough requirements.  More often than not, you can’t access any funds you win through this offer until you fulfil the playthrough requirements.  For this reason, we always recommend bettors read the fine print before accepting any bonus offers.

We would also recommend placing your bet at online betting sites, as you often find that odds available on the internet are far better than odds offered at physical betting shops.  This gives online bettors a huge advantage and can seriously affect your bottom line if you know how to take advantage of it.  One way to ensure you are always getting the best odds available is to create multiple counts with different online sportsbooks.  This way, you will easily be able to compare the different odds on offer every time you place a bet, and then you can simply choose the online bookmaker that is offering the best odds for the type of bet you wish to place.

Depositing at Online Betting Sites

As well as covering some of the main advantages to placing your bets at online betting sites, we also thought it would be useful to list some of the easiest ways to deposit funds to your new online betting account.  Once you have joined an online gambling site, it really couldn’t be easier to add funds to your account.  This process is incredibly simple and straightforward.  Nowadays, there is a huge array of accepted payment methods for bettors to pick and choose from.

Depositing using a credit/debit card is super simple.  This is still the most popular payment method amongst online gamblers.  Virtually every betting site will accept all standard debit and credit cards.  If you choose to deposit funds using a credit or debit card, your deposit is usually processed instantly, so you can expect your funds to be available right away.

If you’re a little worried about using your debit/credit card online, you can always opt to use an alternative e-wallet payment system.  If you’re unfamiliar with this deposit option, you can think of e-wallets as a sort of online bank account.  Most of the time, e-wallets are super easy to setup and add funds to, and you can then use these e-wallet payment systems to spend your money online.  This payment method can be particularly for bettors who frequently deposit and withdraw funds at a number of different sites.  The three most popular e-wallet payment systems you are likely to come across is PayPal, Neteller and Skrill.  Each of these systems provides an additional layer of security encryption, so are a great option for any security-conscious gambler!  Using this deposit option also means you don’t have to worry about using your personal banking details online.  This will help to alleviate any worries you may have about depositing funds on the internet.

We hope this article has provided you with all the important information you need to get started with online betting sites.  With online betting offering so many advantages, we’re sure it won’t be long before you place your first online sports wager.

Merely typing in the words El Clasico Livestream to Google will present you with a range of options, but how do you select a good one? This is a question that has plagued those looking to watch an El Clasico livestream that doesn’t lag or jump. Here are our top tips for a great watching experience.

Look for Reputable El Clasico Livestream Sites

There are many streaming sites out there that claim to have a reliable El Clasico livestream but these can be fraudulent or even dangerous. Some El Clasico livestream sites contain viruses or other harmful programs that can be very costly in the long run. These sites are ten a penny and can crop up at any time, so it can be hard to pick ones that are reputable.

El Clasico livestream 2016 phone

You can always look into reviews and comments by other viewers but if you are unsure, try to look for a popular El Clasico livestream host. These will usually be ones that appear higher up on search engines when you look for an El Clasico livestream, so you can test them out easily. If they require you to download software that you don’t recognise then it’s best to steer clear.

When you choose a livestream, you want the very best quality so you can enjoy the match to the fullest. These games can be common or further apart, depending on the season, so you don’t want anything to interrupt your time watching.

Watch out for Lagging El Clasico livestream sites

One of the worst things that can happen when you’re watching your livestream is lagging. We’ve all experienced this before, one moment the screen freezes and the next it catches up and you miss an important moment. Missing a goal can be terrible and can put you right off using that El Clasico livestream ever again.


If you want to check if the El Clasico livestream is correctly synched then you can always check out live commentary on the radio. If this matches what you are seeing on the screen then they should be up to speed. This will ensure that you’re watching the match as it happens and not falling behind.

If more users join the livestream then the speeds may start to go down as the site struggles to keep up. This is why it is better to use a more popular site, as these are able to keep up with the high volume of traffic. There’s usually a user count somewhere on the screen, so if you’re watching those numbers go up and the speed going down then you’ll may want to go elsewhere.

Don’t skimp out when it comes to selecting an El Clasico livestream, do your research and you’ll have a much better time. You don’t want to miss a moment of the action when the game begins so do your due diligence in advance. It won’t be long before the next game takes place so move fast!